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I was one of 20 satisfied families who bought a CSA share from La Boca this year.  I just got this email from La Boca staff.  Read below about the local farm’s difficult legal struggles:

Dear Members and Supporters,

Thank you for your support of La Boca Center for Sustainability (LBCS) this past year. With your help LBCS has accomplished its goals for 2009. With over 1000 visitors to the farm throughout the growing season, LBCS staff has worked hard to provide educational experiences to the public while bringing awareness to the importance of nurturing a strong local food system.

Read more on BuzzTown, the site on which I get paid to write.

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Seriously; there simply aren’t enough bloggers and blog readers out here in the Southwest.  My fiancee and I just moved to the area and the first thing we did was to start new, local-minded blogs.

My blogs: The Red House Gallery and  Durango Dirt

His blog: Beer N Bikes

We (mainly he) scoured the internet in search of Durango or Four Corners blogs and all we found were The San Juan Almanac, Beer at 6512, Look Local First, KSUT’s Blog, a few local artists’ blogs including Marry Ellen Long, Cindy Coleman and Kyla Jackson, bike-related blogs including Durango Devo and Durango Wheel Club, and a few special-interest blogs including Concerned Citizens for the Southwest, Four Corners Hikes, Songs from the Woods and The Durango Kid.

You may be scratching your chin and thinking, well, that sounds like a good amount of blogs to me. It is an OK start, but you’re wrong if you think we’ve got a good presence in the blogosphere. We need more blogs and we definitley need more people reading blogs (my stats sit comfortably at about 10 a day; which is embarrassing)

Why do we need more blog action?  Everyone who has anything to say — any new information including press-releases, events, new products, announcements, special deals, funny stories, good jokes, beautiful photos and so on should be blogging.

And everyone who wants to get more and more diverse information than the newspapers hand you should be following these blogs; checking in with them on a daily basis either through the use of simple bookmarks or RSS feeds (which are NOT as scary as they seemingly sound; in fact, if you want a quick lesson, email me at kinsee.morlan@gmail.com).

Blogging is a new(ish), easy way to stay better connected to your community. So pull out all the stops Four Corners, and get on the blog bandwagon.

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