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If I do shop online, I buy iso50 or etsy. I heart handmade art & design.

You’ve heard the call to economic arms before:  Think Global, Shop Local.

Local First is part of a bigger international movement led by indepenedent business owners across the world who are busy educating the public about the benefits of spending their money locally.

Basically, they’re the little guys who have managed to stay in business in the face of the nearly impossible price competition of corporate giants like Wal-Mart and the ever-growing number of folks (like me) who prefer the ease and variety of shopping online.  They realized that rather than trying to beat low prices, they’d appeal to a consumer’s sense of community and ask for their money in exchange for locally-grown products and services that are ultimately better for the environment (they don’t travel as far) and better for the growth and health of the local economy (money doesn’t leak out to corporate owners in far away places).

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Thats my awesome new jacket

That's my awesome new jacket

A few days ago, Mr. Jeff Hammett and I stopped by the newly opened Bodo Park Thrift & Vintage (the new business venture started by the owners of Bodo Cleaners of Colorado).

The Durango Herald did a roundup article with a premise that says business is booming at thrift and consignment shops like Bodo Park Thrift & Vintage.

Interesting stuff, I suppose, but what the article forgot to mention is that the new thrift store is pretty sweet. I bought an awesome $18 jacket and two $8 skirts and Jeff bought two very nice vintage pearl-buttoned cowboy shirts.

There’s more clothing for men than women at this point (there’s hardly any tops for women at all), but I suppose they’ll only get better over time.

Bodo Park Thrift & Vintage’s address is 303 Sawyer Drive, Durango, CO, 81301.

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