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A new hot-dog shop opens in Durango!

I just stopped by the Screamin Weenie, a new indoor hot-dog stand at the corner of College and Main Avenue in Durango.

As a vegetarian, I was darn-near estactic when I glanced up at the menu and saw tofu and soy dogs.  Yessss!

So, what’s on the menu for you carnies out there?

Everything from the standard kraut dog, slaw dog and Chicago dog to the more eclectic flamin’ dog (green chili, sport peppers and jalepenos) and the turkey dog.

Firto pies, nachos, fries, onion rings, chili and popcorn are on the menu, too.

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Marketing experts are saying it’s no longer a question of if you should be implementing social media into your marketing plan, it’s a question of how you should be implementing social media into your marketing plan.

Here are a few quick tips and some interesting social media news to get you through the week:

  • Do you find yourself getting stuck on your “My BuzzTown” page on BuzzTown.com?  Just remember to click through the “Socialize,” “Shop,” and “What’s Hot” tabs at the top of the page.  That will ensure that you don’t miss anything important when checking in.   Also, scrolling is your friend. Love your scrollbar and don’t forget to look through to the bottom of each BuzzTown page.
  • Still confused about why the heck people dig Twitter?  This list of 13 Odd Ways to use Twitter will confuse you even further.
  • Did you know that newspapers are checking in with Google Trends and attempting to cover trending areas in order to boost SEO?

That’s it for this week.  If you have any good social media tips, email me at kinsee@buzztown.com.

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Oh, Google, how you entertain us, the lonely internet-searching, no-good, racist, weird, semi-perverted and definitely gross and disgusting masses that we are.

My hubby was the first to clue me in on the hilarity (and despair) of the new Google suggestions feature — you know, the text that pops up when you start typing in a search phrase.

You see, part of the Google formula is to pull up text based on the popularity of a search.  So, aside from the nerdy things I’m pretty sure Google programmers slipped in (ex. – type in “Google is” and “Google is awesome” almost always pops up), one could assume that the Google suggestions tell us a little about ourselves.

And — no surprise here — what it’s telling us isn’t very impressive; in fact, most of the time it’s downright disappointing.
Go ahead. Try it.  Type in “Why are” (warning: you may lose faith in humanity).

OK, here’s a better one, type in “Why does”  (warning: you may vomit with the results of this one).

Type in “cats are” or “dogs are” and the whole idea that people use the internet mainly to find information that backs up their already-held beliefs can almost definitely be confirmed (I mean, everyone KNOWS dogs are waaaaay better than cats).

Have fun playing with Google suggestions, my friends.  And remember; we are only human.

I’m off now.  I’ve got to go Google “Is it wrong to….”

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Carrotmob Durango


Durango is holding its first-ever CarrotMob event. For more on Carrotmob Durango, click here.

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BuzzTown is looking for freelance writers: Pitch your story idea to kinsee@buzztown.com today!

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Check out the a sneak-peak at the first-ever Power Hour event last month and find out about the location of the Oct. 7 Power Hour event.

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The 2009 Durango Oktoberfest is happening on Second Avenue this year. So head to Downtown Durango and enjoy lots of good local beer and fun.Click here for more on the 2009 Durango Oktoberfest for the San Juan Citizens Alliance

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