Two degrees of separation

Yep.  That’s me with two dogs in vests.  Down vests to be exact.   Dogs need down vests when you’re chillin’ outside in two-degree weather.   A group of friends decided to ring in the new decade by skiing out to Andrews Lake and watching the full moon rise over the San Juans.  Not a bad way to spend a night, but I have yet to adjust to the slap-you-in-the-face, bone-cracking, soul-crunching cold of Colorado.  Jeff and I went along for the trek anyway.  We dragged Mona along for fun.

Skiing keeps you warm

The only time I felt like my toes weren’t about to break right off of my damned feet was when I was out cross-country skiing. The rest of the time was spent as close to the fire as was safe and/or in a dog pile with Mona and her little boyfriend (the other dog donning a vest).

Put it in the cooler

We didn’t bring a cooler because we thought, “Why the hell would we need a cooler when it’s this freakin cold outside.”   We actually ended up needing the cooler, though, because the second you put your beer down in the snow, it froze.  Seriously — it was freezing within seconds.

Look at Mona's snow 'stache

Mona liked the snow until the sun went down.  Then she started looking at me like, What the hell is wrong with you?! Why are we out here? Is it because of that time I farted right in your face while you were trying to get to sleep?


Purgatory’s first Locals Day, sponsored by KSUT, is scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 20, with discounted lift tickets available for purchase with a coupon available in the Dec. 10 and Dec. 17 editions of the Durango Telegraph, on BuzzTown and on KSUT’s website.

Each Locals Day will have a theme.  On Dec. 20, the theme is “Ugly Holiday Sweaters,” so wear the ugliest holiday sweater you own and stop by the BuzzTown booth in the DMR plaza to enter to win a $50 gift certificate from Guido’s Favorite Foods.

Lift tickets for Locals Day are $39 for adults,  $25 for kids, with a portion of the proceeds to benefit KSUT and Manna Soup Kitchen. For the latest information on Purgatory snow conditions, special events and more, please visit www.skipurg.com.


More on upcoming Locals Days at DMR

DMR received applications from more than 30 non-profits seeking to be this year’s Benefit Day recipient. With so many worthy organizations to choose from, it was extremely difficult to select just one, so DMR decided to add a second charity beneficiary to each of this year’s four Locals Days, which benefit KSUT Public Radio. On Locals Days, discounted lift tickets will be available for purchase with a coupon from the Durango Telegraph. Locals Day ticket prices are $39 for adults and $25 for kids, with portions of the proceeds to benefit KSUT and that day’s charity, scheduled as follows:

Sunday, Jan. 10: To offset the medical expenses of a longtime DMR employee, Barry “Carmine” Kemler, whose daughter, Caitlin, is undergoing medical treatment in Denver for a life-threatening illness

Sunday, Feb. 7: Music in the Mountains’ “MITM Goes to School” program to promote music education in local schools

Sunday, March 7: La Plata Search and Rescue

If I do shop online, I buy iso50 or etsy. I heart handmade art & design.

You’ve heard the call to economic arms before:  Think Global, Shop Local.

Local First is part of a bigger international movement led by indepenedent business owners across the world who are busy educating the public about the benefits of spending their money locally.

Basically, they’re the little guys who have managed to stay in business in the face of the nearly impossible price competition of corporate giants like Wal-Mart and the ever-growing number of folks (like me) who prefer the ease and variety of shopping online.  They realized that rather than trying to beat low prices, they’d appeal to a consumer’s sense of community and ask for their money in exchange for locally-grown products and services that are ultimately better for the environment (they don’t travel as far) and better for the growth and health of the local economy (money doesn’t leak out to corporate owners in far away places).

Read more on BuzzTown, the site on which I get paid to write.

I was one of 20 satisfied families who bought a CSA share from La Boca this year.  I just got this email from La Boca staff.  Read below about the local farm’s difficult legal struggles:

Dear Members and Supporters,

Thank you for your support of La Boca Center for Sustainability (LBCS) this past year. With your help LBCS has accomplished its goals for 2009. With over 1000 visitors to the farm throughout the growing season, LBCS staff has worked hard to provide educational experiences to the public while bringing awareness to the importance of nurturing a strong local food system.

Read more on BuzzTown, the site on which I get paid to write.

1970s Japanese graphic design

Yeah, so, I did necklaces for a few more days (pictures to come), but now that I’m back in the daily grind I can’t seem to find the time.  Oh, the hazards of posting “I promise I’ll do it every day” projects online.

Today I made a necklace for me and Jeff.   They both made me think of Vision Boards and I LOLed. Babies and Brooklyn!

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Jeff’s sweet necklace.”, posted with vodpod


Starting today, I’m making a new collage necklace every day.  I’ll even make one for Jeff every now and then.  The images are coming from the New Yorker, Juxtapoz, Found and other magazines around the house.